Scene 02 Pencil

Here is the final version of Scene 02 for my short. Just need to scan and color it.


Background Sc 02

I’m trying to get working on my short a lot more. Just finished the background for Sc. 02

Biking to work

I should feel good. It’s nice outside, I love to bike, and it’s exercise. Although I usually feel angry because of terrible drivers.

Rough for a Bowling Shirt

I’m going to start a  bowling league in April. I drew this up for our team name. I think I need to clean it up and get it printed on a shirt. 

The Website Returns

Finally getting the website back up. It’s not going to look as pretty as my previous site, but it will have the same content. I’m doing a lot of video tutorials, and it’s a slow process, but I’m getting there. I will try to post here and also to my other blogs/tumblr sites. I’m thinking of eventually phasing those out, but we’ll see about that later.